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Why Study in Scotland?


Art & Design

As one of the countries with flourish architecture, culture and creativity, Scotland forms a desirable destination for many students and artists who are looking to explore the knowledge in Arts & Design.


Business and Economics

Modern economics started when a Scotsman, Adam Smith, published ‘The Inquiry into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of Nations’ which became an important foundation of today’s economics and business studies.



One of the most significant Scottish works given the world is the foundation of Public Education System which France and USA used as a model to develop the countries’ education systems.


Engineering and Physical Science

Scotland has a 1.8% share of the world’s research citations which is ranked ahead any of the G8 nations. The country has been well-recognised as a land of pioneers


Laws & Politics

Almost all of the Law schools in Scotland ranks among the UK’s Top 20, offering law subjects ranging from Commercial and IT & IP Laws, to Energy and Oil & Gas Law and Policy. Political Economy was also taught for the first time in the world in Scotland.


Life Science & Medicine

Per head of population, Scotland ranks third in the world in the number of scientific publications published. From the development of modern surgery to the major scientific achievement in cloning Dolly the Sheep and cancer research.

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