About McDucation

McDucation – Study in Scotland is the first educational consultancy in Thailand to promote Scotland exclusively and to offer a specialist counselling service for Scottish universities and colleges.

We are a group of Thais who were educated at Scottish universities and are proud of this lovely country and desire to make its excellence known to other Thai students. The organisation’s philosophy may be best expressed in the words of Andrew Carnegie – “anything in life worth having is worth working for”.

We believe our personal experience and detailed understanding of Scotland is invaluable to Thai who are keen to learn more about this lovely country. Anyone with an interest in any aspect of Scotland – be it Scottish history, philosophers, scientists, authors, or even whisky – is very welcome to visit and discuss.

McDucation is comprised of specialists in various fields e.g. Arts, Biology, Business, Chemistry, Design, Economics, Engineering, Finance, IT, Law, Marketing, Music, and Science and hence is the right place for students seeking for academic advices – thanks to all of our supports. We are willing to provide students with thorough information in relation to their studies; courses details, research areas, professors, teaching environment, trainings, and job and internship opportunities. We can also be a link between universities’ academic members and students.

As an official representative of the university, McDucation is financially supported by the Scottish institutions and does not make any charge to students or their advisers.