The City of Aberdeen

Granite City, Silver City by the Golden Sands, City of Roses and Oil Capital of Europe are some of the names given to the city of Aberdeen by people from around the world. The Granite or Silver City is derived from the stone used in the construction of most of the buildings in the city[ more...]


The City of Dundee

The City of Discovery, Dundee, is the fourth largest city in Scotland and is claimed to be the sunniest because of its south-facing position. It is situated near the mouth of the beautiful River Tay; only an hour away from Glasgow, Aberdeen, and Edinburgh by road or rail. Like Aberdeen, Dundee also developed as a[ more...]


The City of Edinburgh

Edinburgh is a mix of stunning architecture and thriving business communities, set against the magnificent backdrop of Edinburgh Castle and a skyline of spires and monuments. “Classically beautiful” is probably the best way to describe this city where you can’t help but feel the distinctive cultural tradition for which it is famous across the world.[ more...]


The City of Glasgow

Glasgow has many claims to fame – second city of the British Empire, the largest and arguably liveliest city in Scotland, a European City of Culture, the third largest financial center in the UK and third most popular tourist destination after London and Edinburgh – to name but a few! Today Glasgow is Europe’s fastest[ more...]


Kingdom of Fife and St Andrews

Known in ancient Scotland as the Kingdom of Fife, this region is now a council area of Scotland situated between the Firth of Tay and the Firth of Forth. St Andrews is one of several historical towns of Fife, famous as the home of golf and for the University of St Andrews – one of[ more...]


The City of Stirling

Clustered around a large castle and the medieval old town, Stirling is renowned as the Gateway to the Highlands. The city, sometimes called a ‘Market Town’, is situated at the center of a large rural area where agriculture and retail play an important part in the economy. As one of Scotland’s fastest growing cities Stirling[ more...]