The City of Dundee

The City of Discovery, Dundee, is the fourth largest city in Scotland and is claimed to be the sunniest because of its south-facing position. It is situated near the mouth of the beautiful River Tay; only an hour away from Glasgow, Aberdeen, and Edinburgh by road or rail.

Like Aberdeen, Dundee also developed as a major fishing, whaling and trading port. The fast clippers leaving the city brought back the raw products from India which were needed to produce the jute with which the city became associated. Today, Dundee is very important in the arts, biotechnology, education, and life science research. Hi-tech manufacturing and software development are another two fast growing industries in the city.

With beautiful landscapes and a particularly friendly environment, the city is a popular place in which to live and study. Dundee has the highest number of students per head of population in the UK and this has brought a whole new dimension to the city’s nightlife, leisure and culture. Dundee was recently voted the best place to work in Europe by The Scientist magazine. The city was home to the pioneers of Aspirin, electric light, wireless telegraphy, manned flight, X-Rays, radar – and more!!

There are two universities located in the City of Dundee: University of Dundee and University of Abertay Dundee.