The City of Glasgow

Glasgow has many claims to fame – second city of the British Empire, the largest and arguably liveliest city in Scotland, a European City of Culture, the third largest financial center in the UK and third most popular tourist destination after London and Edinburgh – to name but a few!

Today Glasgow is Europe’s fastest growing conference and event destination. It is home to two of the largest Engineering schools in the UK, and the city in which the number of engineers per head of population is among the highest in the world.

Glasgow has a glorious history, a prosperous present and a bright future. The city first became prominent as a hub for transatlantic trade with the Americas during the 17-18th centuries. Based on the strength of its trade and manufacturing it was the third city in Europe to exceed 1-million inhabitants, after London and Paris. Towards the end of the 19th century it was the shipbuilding, locomotive, and steel manufacturing center of the world and thus the second most important city at the height of the British Empire.

Now, the traditional heavy industries have all but gone to be replaced by financial companies and other leading businesses. The International Financial District (IFSD) in Glasgow has become the third largest financial center in the UK, after London and Edinburgh. Of the 10 largest general insurance companies in the UK, 8 have a base or head office in Glasgow. Key banking sector such as JP Morgan, Barclays Wealth and Morgan Stanley have also relocated to commercial property in this area. The city is also regularly voted the second most popular shopping destination in the UK after London.

For visitors, Glasgow offers so many activities; shopping, sightseeing, festival, museums, or watching a movie – the world’s tallest cinema, the 18 screen Cineworld is located in Glasgow. The city’s beautiful architecture coupled with its thriving artistic community led to it being awarded the title of European City of Culture in 1990. The city is Europe’s fastest growing conference and event destination with the UK’s largest exhibition and conference center, The Scottish Exhibition and Conference Center (SECC).

With four large universities in and around the city – Glasgow Caledonian University, University of Glasgow, University of the West of Scotland and University of Strathclyde – Glasgow is a leading education center in the world and perfect for students who seek a premium education and unique living experience – Glaswegians are famed for their warmth and humour!