The City of Stirling

Clustered around a large castle and the medieval old town, Stirling is renowned as the Gateway to the Highlands. The city, sometimes called a ‘Market Town’, is situated at the center of a large rural area where agriculture and retail play an important part in the economy.

As one of Scotland’s fastest growing cities Stirling has the highest level of business start-ups and business survival rates in the country. The city has invested over £140 million in business parks, shopping centers, transportation hubs, arts centers, tourist attractions and learning centers. As a consequence of this investment visitor numbers have more than doubled while shopper numbers have trebled. The Stirling Castle alone attracts around 400,000 visitors annually.

Stirling was also traditionally famous for its silver production. The term “Sterling” used today for British currency came into use because a mint in the town was the first place in the UK to produce coins using silver from local mines in the Ochil Hills.

Situated within rural and prosperous surroundings the University of Stirling’s campus is generally considered to be one of the most beautiful in Europe……if not the world!