One of the most significant Scottish works given the world is the foundation of Public Education System which France and USA used as a model to develop the countries’ education systems.

In the time when England has only two Universities, Oxford and Cambridge, Scotland established the fourth university, University of Edinburgh. The university is famous for its Medical School which later became a model for universities in USA and Canada including University of Pennsylvania and McGill University. Nowadays, Scottish universities are well-known for their teaching qualities, student satisfaction and their excellent curriculum from schools to university level. Courses offering include Curriculum Studies, Teacher Training, Education Leadership and Management, etc.

Sample Subjects offering in Education

  • Advanced Professional Studies
  • Autism & Special Education
  • Community Education
  • Dance Science & Education
  • Education Management
  • Education Enterprise
  • Education Psychology
  • E-Learning
  • English Language Teaching
  • Management & Leadership in Education
  • Management of Tertiary Education
  • Management of Training & Development
  • Organisation Leadership & Management
  • Performance Psychology
  • Science Education

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